Embattled Michael Mann, a climate scientist who has been accused of defamation, wins $1 million in a lawsuit

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Michael Mann has won his legal fight against conservative bloggers that said the climatologist “molested and tortured data”And compared him with a convicted child molester

CLIMATEWIRE| Climate scientist Michael Mann on Thursday secured a win in his long-running legal battle against conservative bloggers who once compared him to a convicted child abuser.

After a four week trial, a D.C. Superior Court Jury awarded the climatologist a $1 million award after finding that Rand Simberg writing for the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Mark Steyn writing for The Washington Post were responsible for the claims. National ReviewIn blog posts from 2012, he had slandered Mann. They accused Mann manipulating the science surrounding his “hockey stick”The graph below shows the exponential rise in global temperatures.

“I hope this verdict sends a message that falsely attacking climate scientists is not protected speech,”Mann said in a press release.

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Simberg had described Mann as a “stupid” in a column he posted on the CEI site in 2012. “the Jerry Sandusky of climate science,”Simberg compared Mann to a former football coach at Pennsylvania State University who was arrested and charged with sexually abusing boys. Simberg said Mann was “molested and tortured data”Climate change.

Steyn later quoted Simberg’s column in a post for the National Review.

Mann sued Simberg, and Steyn, after their articles were printed. The case has been a long one in the courts. The Supreme Court will be hearing cases in 2019.

The justices rejected petitions from CEI, the National Review to stop Mann’s case from advancing the Washington court, claiming First Amendment protections. Justice Samuel Alito had said that he was willing to take the case. “a question of this nature deserves a place on our docket.”

CEI declined to comment on the D.C. Superior Court’s Thursday decision. Steyn’s manager, Melissa Howes, released a statement suggesting that her client would appeal the $1 million the court awarded to Mann.

Conservatives had framed Mann’s trial as though climate science itself were taking the stand.

“Climate Change Is ON TRIAL,”Ann McElhinney the Irish filmmaker behind this documentary “Frack Nation,”On Jan. 11, X, formerly known by the name Twitter, was published.

“Michael Mann & Mark Steyn will battle in court,”She continued. “The case will explore the hockey stick climate graph that rattled the world. Mark Steyn claims it’s a fraud. Michael Mann believes it is our future.”

An attorney for Mann stated that Simberg and Steyn’s writings had caused personal and professional harm to the climate scientist.

“Today’s verdict vindicates Mike Mann’s good name and reputation,” said Pete Fontaine, chair of the environmental practice at the law firm Cozen O’Connor. “It also is a big victory for truth and scientists everywhere who dedicate their lives to answering vital scientific questions impacting human health and the planet.”

Reporter Timothy Cama contributed.

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