Galaxy S24 series is really popular with you guys

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We expected a lot of positive feedback when we asked earlier this week how your Galaxy S24 Series phone was doing. After all, you potentially just spent anywhere from $500 to $1,300 for one and can’t imagine you doing so and then turning around to dump on your purchase. Tim also Review of the S24 Ultra shows that it is a great product., plus my regular S24 hasn’t made me mad yet. All of the S24 Series phones seem to be very good.

There are so many of us. Answer in depth about your experienceThe positive comments were evident. You guys love it. Well, there was one person who didn’t, but that’s life.

Here are some initial reactions to the Galaxy S24.

FranciscoGrabbed a Galaxy S24+, and seems to be quite pleased with battery life.

The battery life of the S24+ is incredible. I took the charger off at 8am my first day. Includes almost 2 hours of battery hogging Moto Android Auto adapter and over 5 hours of screen time including more than 1.5hrs of gaming. I went to sleep at 1am, and it was still at 20 percent.

He’s not the only one noticing improvements in battery life. Mamba94The S22 Ultra battery was already a great option, but they are calling it an upgrade. “great”:

Coming from the S22 ultra, this is such a great upgrade I’m loving everything. The battery life is phenomenal and that’s considering that I had great battery life with my S22 ultra. The finger print reader is quick and responsive. Camera’s are great for me also.

Another reader B!, said the S24 Ultra was better than the S22 Ultra “in every way,”While reading DisqusSuqs(I agree) they were a “big fan”After 3 days they felt that the S24 was a good mix between the iPhone (hardware/software development) and the S24. “flexibility”Android:

I’ve only had my S24 (not + or Ultra) for about 3 days now but I’m a big fan. I’ve always appreciated the design & aesthetic of iPhone/iOS but never wanted to leave Android so I’m okay with Samsung heading in that direction. It’s like I have the best of two worlds. I can have the hardware & software design of an iPhone with the freedom and flexibility of Android.

S24 has a lot to offer.

We must still mention the complaints because they exist. It seems that display issues could be present on more than a few devices. Users may notice a dim screen or washed out colours. Some said the cameras were good, but not great and still behind top iPhones and Pixels.

Finally, one reader was pushed into switching to an iPhone by a friend after upgrading to a Galaxy S24 Ultra that they had sent back. They said that their entire family had iPhones, and that Samsung was now Boeing. It was a tough scene.

Want to upgrade right now after so many positive experiences. You can still get a $150 gift card and up to $750 in trades. There is also the option of immediate pickup. Shop Best Buy’s S24 deals Here is a link to the article.

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