Google Pixel Phone Storage Issues Fixes after January Update

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The Google Play System update for January has caused some problems on a “small number” of Pixel phones and Google has acknowledged the issue today. Through a community post, Google talks through a storage issue that popped up, saying that they are working on a fix while also providing a method to manually fix should you be willing to fire up the ol’ adb machine on your computer.

Google notes that some users experienced app crashes, screenshots not being saved, and external storage not working properly after applying the Google Play System January update. These issues were more likely to appear for users who had multiple user accounts on their phone or worked profiles.

Google is working on a fix for this “root system update issue” and plans to let us know as that update or fix arrives. For now, they’ve provided folks with a couple of commands that can be run in adb that should fix their devices.

There is a full set of instructions listed by Google that start from turning on USB debugging and downloading Android’s Platform Tools, before getting into the adb commands. For those new to adb, I’ll let you walk through those instructions yourselves. If you’re not new, two commands should be enough to get you back on track:

“./adb uninstall”
“./adb uninstall”

Once you’ve run those, yoiu’;ll need to reboot your phone.

If you’re experiencing the storage problems described above after installing the January Google Play System Update, feel free to try that.

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